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About Me  Matthew Gutierrez graduated high school from Bishop Alemany High School in 2014. He has always been extremely focused on building a business. In 2016 he started his sales career in the alarm industry where he developed great workmanship and customer service. Matthew Gutierrez has always been the type of person to care for everyone. He has gone out of his way, to make sure everyone is taken care of. Matthew Gutierrez is a big family man, he makes sure he takes care of his family at all times, when they need something he is there. This is why most of the families he meets trust him because he has a lot of stories to tell. So when you sit down with him, don’t forget to ask what kind of stories he has. Matthew makes sure he takes care of others before himself. He prides himself in ensuring the best customer service and making sure he creates raving fans. Not only does he want to make sure you have a great experience with him and throughout your solar process but he also wants to make sure you allow him to help your family members save tons of cost too! Matthew Gutierrez specializes in providing the best customer service. In 2020 Matthew was introduced to the Solar Industry when he came across California Solar Guys. Once Matthew saw the benefits that were being provided to every family, he said “it’s a no brainer, why isn’t everyone going solar?” So Matthew Gutierrez started providing Solar to families and showed them how much they would be saving, most families were shocked. Matthew Gutierrez’s main goal is to provide the most knowledge and provide valuable information to families, he shows them the ins and outs of solar so that no one can take advantage of them not even himself. He makes sure that by the end of each visit, each family becomes a solar expert like himself   Contact: matthew@californiasolarguys.com